IQOS / COLTABACO S.A. / Bogotá, Colombia / 2017-2018

Invited by one of our most beloved clients, Philip Morris International, to develop the IQOS Parque de la 93 project in the city of Bogotá, the largest in Colombia and one of the most important in Latin America, with an intervention area of ​​350 m2.

Tu Taller Design was hired for this project for its extensive knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes, project management with different suppliers, outstanding industrial design and structural engineering, as well as products of international import.

Together with the Architect and helping during the processes, we were able to achieve the ideal of the brief and take it to where it was wanted in a limited time of less than 3 months, from civil works to opening, which allowed reducing project costs.

Standing out in Corian Design, as one of the commercial projects in Colombia with more Corian appliques in complex shapes, such as its main stair railing, designed to give the expression of a border, which becomes an endless ribbon, which It is later integrated into the second level furniture and flows through the white Corian veneered walls blending with the 3D routed wall sconces to give it texture and retain the minimalist yet contemporary intent.

The liquor and coffee bar is made of thermoformed corian to give way to people's legs, as well as the visual and tactile softness that this material makes possible.

Walls and ceilings with unique details. Specific veneer appliqués.

Exterior ceilings and pergolas with curved details in clad aluminum with internal LED lighting.

Design: Yemail Arquitectura
Construction - Obra civil: Tridimensionar
Construction - Furniture: Tu Taller Design

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