PAZ / Apartamentos Airbnb / Medellín, Colombia / 2020

PAZ is an apartment renovation project for Airbnb. The client was looking for high standards in interior design.

A premium standard project where Tu Taller Design was hired for its ability to design the entire building from its façade, functional and spatial rethinking of the apartments, construction management and supervision and the supply and development of special furniture and decoration.

A different concept was developed for each floor, so the interior design of each floor is linked, while preserving the overall concept of the building.

Another important customization due to its degree of specification and complexity are the bed rails for the rooms. Each one is part of the architectural finishing application designed specifically for the concept bed.

It is remarkable the inclusion of unique industrial and art works that represent the concept of the apartment and the experience that is to live in them, as this also changes depending on each individual concept.

Diseño y producción: Tu Taller Design

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