¿Cuál es el futuro del diseño de oficinas post Covid 19?

¿Cuál es el futuro del diseño de oficinas post Covid 19?

Designing offices is a complex task that gets us to design spaces for either for 400 people in the EDU case, 170 Livevox or 15 people in the Eventtia case, we know this field very well and our interior architects and the industrial design team agree that the concept of an open office As we knew it, it tends to be replaced by a different one. We call them Safe Office or healthy office, this does not mean that it is completely different from the spaces that Open Office proposed, but it will change the way we live the office today. We believe that the design of these offices should provide a safe sanitary environment, with aseptic and antimicrobial materials resistant to abrasion due to the daily cleaning that will be given and the chemical agents that will be faced.

If we talk about permanency, our vision is different from what many people think that this will be something temporary, we believe that the offices will function more as a meeting center for related work teams and not as before where you had to be with many people to demonstrate the size of your company and that everyone comes and goes at the same time. We believe that this issue during the COVID19 of displacing workers (which because of their work may be carried out from home) generated several positive things for workers and companies. Some factors are such as commuting to the daily offices (time), associated costs (money), local contamination by these same massive commuting and loss of unnecessary meetings (efficiency). We do not believe that teleworking will be established as the only method of working, but we believe that offices will be a place to attend taking valuable meetings, developing efficient workshops with your internal working group and being a temple to maintain the vision and objectives. of the company. In turn, the internal design of the space will be focused on more remote or independent workstations within the same line, without reaching the traditional and depressing cubicles, the design looks more towards personal security and environment.

We believe that for the next few months or a couple of years social distancing will be somewhat complex but necessary to protect the most precious thing that is the work team, clients and suppliers, the strategies that we will take to create safe spaces will be fundamental, for which the Tolerance and trust will be decisive for companies from the flexibility of meetings, as well as the delivery of work. At this point we want to add that companies for many years have invested millions in creating the best spaces to enjoy work and based on that, the efficiency of worker performance has been measured, but now the metrics will be different, they will not focus only on efficiency but impeccable compliance. The new metrics will be based on deliveries and this will increase the competition of employees, therefore it will be very common for companies to have an employee in their city or thousands of kilometers, e-mails arrive at the same speed, that is, the competition will increase and the positions will be based on quality and compliance.

The virus has given us a new perspective of our private and urban spaces, where the escape of some is related to nature, this global experience will affect the design of the spaces and we are not surprised to see interest in more green spaces within buildings, offices or parks to have a greater distance between people or a form of appropriation of different spaces.

Technological integration devices with furniture will be key, doors and drawers that open without contact, acoustic bathrooms and cabins, private telephones, motion sensors to activate functions will be a constant in offices, asepsis will be a value to deliver from companies your team, suppliers and clients. It will be the concept that designers can as a starting point to develop the offices of the present. We are in constant research because it is our duty as professionals, this is a thought with which we want to invite readers to comment or share it if they find it interesting, thanks for reading.

By: David Del Valle C.E.O Tu Taller Design 

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