Everything we do generates a social impact. Every day our team wakes up with the intention of solving problems, needs or desires; Problems and needs not only from our customers but from all our suppliers, craftsmen, carpenters, and everyone involved in our operation. We realize that thanks to solving problems for our clients indirectly, many other needs start to get solved by stimulating the economy of hundreds of families. Today more than any other day we have seen the impact that our study brings for the local communities we are proud to be part of, thanks to our clients and their purchases, we are able to bring food and well-being to many homes, Colombian homes.


Artisan communities: Our products seek to help and sustain the unique knowledge and capabilities of artisanal families and the environment of certain communities that live from crafting the most unique goods. We want to keep their tradition as unique as possible and international online demand could help a lot. We firmly believe in maintaining their traditional style, as they should continue to seek happiness through the knowledge they received from their ancestors and through national or international recognition to create enough hype they’ll be able to sell their artwork and live life as they wish.

Manufacturing Industry: Our products and designs seek to be necessary, affordable and of high quality for most people, we need the industry for this to be possible, the industry with which we want to relate must be devoid of egos and retrograde visions, We want to work with those who are willing to innovate and put aside prejudice. We will work to make valuable and economically profitable products by protecting hundreds of family positions and giving Colombia a new position in global manufacturing markets.