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Warranty for TTD products


We support all the furniture that we design and manufacture from the hand of the Colombian industry, which meet the technical and quality requirements for the Colombian territory.

If for any reason related to manufacturing defects you are not satisfied with a product from Tu Taller Design SAS, we promise to repair or replace the defective items within the guarantee period established for each type of product free of charge, so that you can enjoy the experience that we want our brand to offer you. If you are interested in returning a product, we invite you to read our Return Policy.


  • To request the guarantee of our products you must present the original document or the copy of the legal invoice to purchase the product.
  • The costs of installation, maintenance and explanation on the operation of the product are not covered by any guarantee, therefore it is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • The guarantee will only be valid after the personnel of Tu Taller Design evaluated the situations that caused it and certified that the conditions were due to a failure of the product and not its mishandling.
  • Only products produced and marketed by Tu Taller Design S.A.S. are covered by guarantee.


Wood products

  • 6 months on the wood as long as it has not been misused and is not exposed to direct light or outdoors.
  • 6 months in the wood on the appearance of fungi, pests and / or insects in the wood.

Metal Products

  • 6 months warranty on the paint, as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or weather.
  • 6 months warranty on the bathroom as long as it is not exposed to direct sunlight or outdoors.
  • 12 months warranty on metal parts for detachment of parts. The guarantee does not apply to loose parts due to misuse by the customer.
  • 6 months for paint defects (paint detachment without being in the presence of chemical agents, removers and / or solvents poured directly and scratches at the time of delivery of the merchandise). Does not apply to paint scratches due to misuse or caused by chips, scratches and other reasons.

  • Warranty for products in stone, ceramic, marble and stained glass.
    Warranty only applies for defects found at the time of delivery. If broken parts are found after being received to your satisfaction, the warranty does not apply.
  • 2 month warranty on ceramics. It only applies to ceramic breakdowns (cracks). No warranty is given for chopped or broken ceramic after being received to the satisfaction of the customer.

Warranty for lamps

  • 6 months warranty on the painting of the lamps and electrical part. The guarantee does not apply if the lamp, both in bathroom / paint and in the electrical part, has poor care by the customer. The guarantee does not apply for damage from a bad installation of the lamps or a short in the place where they have been installed.

Guarantee for upholstered products and fabrics in natural fibers

  • 24 months warranty on structure (mismatches)
  • 24 months guarantee on Foams.
  • 12 months warranty on Textiles (some defect in the material by the manufacturer of the same).
  • 12 months warranty on natural fiber fabrics (any defect in the material by the manufacturer of the same. Does not apply to broken, broken or uncovered voluntary structures with sharp objects or damage caused by pets or scratches).
  • 24 months warranty on Seams and Finishes, does not apply to natural wear and tear from product use.
  • Does not apply to broken, broken or uncovered voluntary structures (with sharp objects or damage caused by pets), scratches.
  • Does not apply if the products have been cleaned with corrosive agents, sandpaper, brushes or the use of petroleum derivatives for cleaning (Thinner, gasoline, varsol)

Warranty for leather products

  • 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects. They do not apply changes in the tonality of the leather due to natural factors (natural veins or stains of the leather and wear and tear from daily use)

These periods of time are counted from the date of invoice or delivery of the product.


You should know that you lose the right to make a guarantee effective in the following cases.

  • The client does not present the original document or the copy of the legal sales invoice.
  • The guarantee of Tu Taller Design S.A.S. does not cover products used in environments contrary to our Maintenance and care guidelines.
  • Products with damage and problems caused by the installation and / or
  • repair carried out by personnel not authorized by Tu Taller Design S.A.S.

repairs carried out by personnel not authorized by Tu Taller Design S.A.S.

  • Legal sales invoice with alterations not made by Tu Taller Design S.A.S.
  • Products whose warranty period has ended.
  • Products that present unauthorized changes or alterations in the specifications.
  • Problems caused by improper operation, use or maintenance (other than that recommended in the user manual) or by poor environmental conditions and excessive use of force and general forced operation.
  • Problems caused by inappropriate transportation of the product.
  • Problems caused by the invasion of foreign elements to the product such as water, sand, insects, mice, termite, or the like.
  • Problems caused by natural events or phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, storms, etc. Due to accidental or caused conditions such as humidity, fires, voltage fluctuations, vandalism, theft or the like.
  • Due to their nature, certain materials, as they are natural, such as wood, marble, onyx, leather or fabrics, may have variations in tones, colors, veins and inlays different from those shown in the reference images, so it is accepted that they may exist these variations and are not considered manufacturing defects.
  • Damage caused by burns, scrapes, cuts, willful abuse, misuse and those caused by pets are not covered by this warranty.
  • Products that have been misused or abused are expressly exempt from our warranty.
  • For Exposure or treatment with chemical and / or abrasive products.
    The guarantee does NOT apply to plants, since it is a living being, and it will live depending on the care you give it.
  • No guarantees or changes of products purchased in promotion are accepted.
  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear that occurs with use over time.
  • This guarantee is granted to the original buyer who purchased the product through a distributor, retailer or authorized point of sale of Tu Taller Design S.A.S. and it is not transferable.