Maintenance & Care


- Do not expose to the sun or water.

- Do not expose to high temperatures, water and / or humidity.

- Do not use it in activities for which it was not designed.

- Do not locate it in positions not recommended.

- In no case place hot, cold or wet elements on the product, since these can alter the paints and finishing lacquers.

- Do not locate it near the air conditioner, as it could cause deformation, discoloration and cracking.

- Make sure the surfaces are exposed to the same amount of light to avoid color differences.

- Do not use brushes, sponges, detergents or solvents or dirty cloths that can discolor or deteriorate the surfaces.


Clean the metal and / or chrome surfaces with a cloth that has been dipped in a well-wrung neutral pH detergent and water mixture and immediately wipe the surface with a dry, particle-free cloth. Do not use chemical agents such as thinner, paint removers and / or solvents in this material.


Lamps should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth to ensure that paint, natural stones and glass are not scratched.


The fabric should not be washed with harsh soaps or abrasive objects. Never use sponges, brushes, grease-removing soaps or stain removers, as this quickly deteriorates the fabric. To care for this, special soaps should be used to wash the fabric, to avoid rapid wear and discoloration of the fabric.


Do not subject to vibrations to avoid breakage.

Do not put heavy objects on any glass surface.

To clean, use a soft cloth free of particles that can scratch the surface.

Glass cleaning liquids can be used to clean these surfaces, however avoid contact of the liquid with the wood areas, this can cause discoloration to the finishes of it.


Wood should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Every 3 months you must maintain it so that it maintains its shine and naturalness. You can apply special wax to wood with a cloth.

Wooden furniture should stay away from the sun, as high temperatures damage its finishes and cracks can appear over time.


You must take into account that the watering of the plants that Taller Design S.A.S. provided to customers will vary depending on the environment in which the plant is exposed. If the place where you have it gets little light, the irrigation will be less than if it gets a lot of sunlight. It is very important that you do not allow direct sunlight to fall on it, as this will burn them. Irrigation will also depend on the size of the container where the plant is. Make sure not to add a lot of water to the plant, as this will cause death.

If you have doubts and concerns about watering and caring for plants, you can contact us or a nursery, where they will provide you with all the information necessary for caring for plants.


Leather should not be washed with harsh soaps or abrasive objects. Never use sponges, brushes, grease-removing soaps or spotters, as this will deteriorate the finish and protect the leather.

When you must clean your product, do it with a damp cloth, to remove the dirt and after this you must apply a leather hydrator. The leather should not be left moist or exposed to the sun or intense heat because it will deteriorate quickly and change color.

Leather is a luxury organic material that requires special care. Its constant use can cause it to stretch and not recover its original shape. It can also discolor if exposed to sunlight or artificial light for a long time, and tear if subjected to excessive stress.

The skin of the leather has natural characteristics such as veins, scars or variations of tones that enhance its purity and confirm its authenticity.