Pioneers in Colombian contemporary design


We work with digital and manual processes to create our products by experimenting and analyzing geometry and application-based interactions. We aim to create a design approach that turns ideals into physical objects. We are passionate about advanced manufacturing processes mixed with handmade crafts that add value to the end product.

We use digital design as the beginning of the concept, theory and production. Through this, the products are designed within the local context in which we develop them. We look forward to using new technological processes, rationalizing production and generating new manufacturing precision levels, which we seek for all our projects, but without ignoring our rational and traditional parts processes which gives to each and every piece a unique touch.

We work to transmit an experience that reflects the principles of design, the love for all that is hand-made and the admiration for the techniques and developments of our Colombian ancestors. We are pleased to say that we are part of our country's emerging creative industry that supports the nation's progress and international perception.

David Del Valle


Tu Taller Design is a company that is based on service, the well-being of its customers and its employees, as well as in being part of a culture that wants to change the world in a positive way. We do not consider design or creativity as something exclusive, so we invite our customers and suppliers to think differently. We want to give value to all the projects, products and services that we develop, for this we are based on the following principles:

Serve society through design and knowledge sharing.
Make objects and spaces useful and responsible with the environment.
Make Latin American Design recognized in a positive way.
Being a community open to share, collaborate and develop progress.
To generate in our employees values ​​of mental and physical health, in addition to promoting family, friends and special people for their personal development.
Being a company that is open to change and improvement through constant analysis.
Be simple and effective when creating.
Seek to improve the world through projects and developments of the company.

Why: Everything we do seeks to improve people's lives at work and at home and We believe we can do it.

How: The way we do this is by creating very well designed products and spaces, simple and easy to use to give you time in your personal life.

What: we simply make well-made products and spaces, & iquest; do you want to buy one?

Our Story

TU TALLER DESIGN Began as David Del Valle’s idea at the University to create a study of experimentation on materials and new manufacturing processes, with support from his cousin Julian Del Valle as a graphic designer since the beginning. Both realized that there was a flaw in Colombian companies with original design content, little development in furniture products and accessories, and in addition to this, the concept of design was understood as exclusive or only for upper classes. of the society. Since day 0 or his determination has been to work to create a company where the design profession will shine and be recognized as valuable and necessary to create affordable and original products and services, bringing design to the greatest number of possible people.

Our Mission

TU TALLER Design exists to make Colombia's original contemporary design available to the world . When we talk about original we mean authentic, this means what is thought and developed by high quality designers, artists, creatives, craftsmen and manufacturers. We are responsible with our collaborators, we know that with our sales we generate a positive social impact (circular economy). We commit to our clients in time, budget, quality and delivery.

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