MACETA OVAL MEDIUM-TU TALLER DESIGN-Negro-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario
MACETA OVAL MEDIUM-TU TALLER DESIGN-Gris-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario
MACETA OVAL MEDIUM-TU TALLER DESIGN-Beige-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario
MACETA OVAL MEDIUM-TU TALLER DESIGN-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario



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Taking advantage of the mold that we developed for the Oval lamp, we designed 3 different sized flower pots in aluminum, including the water collector, an essential element to prevent water from falling onto the floor.

Details of this product
• Powder coated embossed aluminum
• Powder coated steel frame
Height: 65 cm / Diameter: 36 cm

Delivery time up to 30 calendar days.

* Cost includes the plant, choice of plant type is subject to availability.