Sofá Loto Módulo 7-Sofá-Tu Taller-Gris-Large-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario
Sofá Loto Módulo 7-Sofá-Tu Taller-Negro-Large-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario
Sofá Loto Módulo 7-Sofá-Tu Taller-Beige-Large-tu-taller-dsgn-diseño-interior-mobiliario

Loto Sofa Module #7

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Introducing Loto Family. A sofa that you can arrange by using modules according to the needs of your home. With a design inspired by minimalism and simplicity, you can choose between the traditional size or extend the depth to have a larger surface to lie on.
Details of this product
• Anti-liquid fabric, pet friendly and highly resistant to friction


Small: Width: 145 cm / Height: 40 cm seat / 70 cm back / Depth: 90 cm

Large: Width: 145 cm / Height: 40 cm seat / 70 cm back / Depth: 125 cm

This product is made to order and the delivery time is 30 calendar days.