Anyone who knows us knows that talking about design is our passion. Our Journal is nothing more than a space we dedicate to share our thoughts with those who we consider the best in their field, people focused on discovering what design can do, talking about shapes, colors, textures and trends. We look forward to having as many comments as possible to ignite new questions and continue the conversations with our guests and also learn from our members.

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Designing offices is an order that reaches us either for 400 people in the EDU case, 170 Livevox or 15 people in the Eventtia case, we know this field very well and our interior architects and the industrial design team agree in which the concept of open office as we know it tends to be replaced by ...

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Clip #1 - Tu Taller Design- Concepto Hygge

& iexcl; Tu Taller Design is here! Good morning, friends, we are inaugurating our first click, our idea is to make these types of videos to share a little more learning in the studio, we also want you to share your opinions or more information with us. n to learn. I would not love to be recommended to us by the people who consent to this, it would be interesting.

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